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MARANAO NEWS is the GOOD NEWS that God has revealed to us in the pages of the HOLY BIBLE which He sent down to us through His holy prophets and apostles.

This web site provides an opportunity for you to read the Holy Bible for yourself in the Maranao dialect. It is the good news about God's great love for you.

The Bible shows you how you can be absolutely sure of going to heaven. It explains the way that God has provided for you to be saved from hell. You can know at this very moment, without any doubt, that you are destined to go to heaven, if you have faith in Jesus Christ.

Read first the book of John. It will clearly present the answers to questions you have concerning these matters. As you read, ask God with a sincere heart to reveal to you the truth about Jesus.

The three main sections of the BIBLE that Muslims acknowledge as being the WORD OF GOD are:
  1. PENTATEUCH (TAORAT) - the 5 books of Moses)
    Genesis * Exodus * Leviticus * Numbers * Deuteronomy
  2. PSALMS (SABOR) - Psalms of David
  3. GOSPELS (INJIL) - books of Jesus the Christ:
    Matthew * Mark * Luke * John

There are other books of the Bible in the following catagories:
    Acts of the Apostles (written by Luke) * Joshua * Judges * Ruth * 1 Samuel * 2 Samuel
    1 Kings * 2 Kings * 1 Chronicles * 2 Chronicles * Ezra * Nehemiah * Esther
    Job * Proverbs * Ecclesiastes * Song of Solomon
    Isaiah * Jeremiah * Lamentations * Ezekiel * Daniel * Hosea * Joel * Amos * Obadiah * Jonah
  4. LETTERS written by Paul:
    Romans * 1 Corinthians * 2 Corinthians * Galatians * Ephesians * Philippians * Colossians
    1 Thessalonians * 2 Thessalonians * 1 Timothy * 2 Timothy * Titus * Philemon
  5. Other LETTERS:
    Hebrews * James * 1 Peter * 2 Peter * 1 John * 2 John * 3 John * Jude
  6. REVELATION (written by John concerning the future)

All of these books comprise the complete revelation that God has given to man concerning Himself and His will for mankind which He sent down to us through his holy prophets and apostles.

2 Timothy 3:16 declares: "The entire Bible is inspired by God and is useful to teach us what is true and to make us realize what is wrong in our lives. It teaches us to do what is right."

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